Tuesday, 11 August 2015

How to play playstation games in windows

Their are many games available only for playstations that you want to play but cant because they are not for pc ,well their is a solution for it ,their are various game emulators available for making playstation games work in pc .
For doing the same you will need a PlayStation emulator :
Downloading and Installing ePSXe
You can get it from a p2p site or google it .
after installing it make a shortcut of it on desktop by right clicking on it and selecting it sending it to desktop .
Getting into the ePSXe BIOS
Their is a catch because you are going to need the files which you can either dump from your PSX or get them from internet .Extract them to the /bios directory.
Video Plugins
Their are many plugins available each different for different graphic card.Pete’s and P.E.Op.S. plug-ins are quite good you can look their.Extract them into the /plugins directory.
Configuring ePSXe
Now open the ePSXe.exe ,you will encounter a configuration wizard ,select the BIOS correct for your region ,then comes to selecting your video driver and can slo change the video settings ,but change them only if you know what you re doing  .Afterwards select your sound plugin ,after that configure the controller.
Boot and Play
Now depending on whether you have .iso file of your pc games of cd ,select the option of ‘Run Cdrom’ or ‘Run iso’ file from the file menu.

Top ten pc tricks and tweaks

We all need some tweak,tips,tricks to make working on computer easy and fun .Well here are the best ten tweaks ever:

  • Wonder if it could be possible to go through command line like a ninja ,what if you could do something like that in windows ,try Cygwin or if you are a more centric user then try Powershell.  
         See this : playing PS games in windows
  • Every operating system has its hidden exciting features ,you just need to find them.Refer to windows 7 and windows 8 for hidden features of the respective OS.
  • You should know how to create a secure password,but taking a step ahead is the smart thing ,you should learn how to crack it which can really help you understand how hackers will try to get into your computer.
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  • when you are working on a computer it gets kind of tough to operate with keyboard and mouse ,at that time these keyboard shortcuts comes in very handy or you could try this one for even better .
  • When sometimes your hardware just gives up on your high requirements you can try  overclocking your processor and graphics card.
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  • To make your own scripts you don’t need to be a computer geek instead you can  do amazing stuff with AutoHotkey ,try beginner’s guide to Autohotkey and best Autohotkey tricks.
  • Customizing windows and learning all the advanced tools you can try these customizing windows and all the basic tools .
          This : recover lost data 
  • Now when you have done all that you might wanna avoid doing all that when you reinstall windows so instead create a customized windows .
  • Also you should definitely try these top ten downloads to make using windows much more better .
  • And if you fancy apple’s OS X you can try using hackintosh to install it on windows or alongside it.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Online Video Advertising vs. TV Advertising

Online Video Advertising vs. TV Advertising

Online video advertisements involve advertisements of a company’s products or services in form of images and sound (videos). Online video advertising occurs via a platform known as the internet. Online video advertising is one of the fastest growing trends on the internet and still continues to grow. It is therefore growing at a much faster rate than TV advertising. This is because due to the millions of internet users that watch at least one online video a day, online video advertising therefore reaches more people than TV advertising. TV advertisement simply refers to television programming that is paid for by a company to market or promote a product or service on its behalf.
Therefore online video marketing is preferred to TV advertising for the following reasons:
  • Easy to make changes- In online video advertising it is easy to make changes without incurring any costs unlike in TV advertising whereby in order to make additional changes you must incur very heavy costs.

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  • Fewer personnel required- In online video advertising you can create a good video with just one person shooting the video and one person in the video to do the advertising of the product or service. However, in TV advertising you require a whole crew in order to shoot a program, movie or advertisement.

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  • No airtime required- In TV advertising, there is air time required to air a program, movie or an advertisement which is very costly and is charged according to how long the program, movie or advertisement airs, unlike in online video advertising, whereby you do not require any airtime because once you produce a video all you have to do is upload it onto the internet which is very simple, fast and easy.

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  • Cheaper and production equipment required- In TV advertising, a lot of very costly equipment is required unlike in online video advertising whereby all you need is a video camera to shoot a video.

    How To : Install windows

  • Can be a one-time thing- In TV production, you have to keep producing movies, programs and advertisements which is very costly, whereas in digital video production, you can produce a video once which may or may not go viral. Hence, you can produce a video whenever you want with no obligations thereby making it cheaper. 

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The above reasons or criteria clearly prove that online video advertising has better efficiency than TV advertising.

For more information about the various ways in which online video advertising is more efficient than TV advertising, you can try visiting Cincera. They are a UK based production company, their website is www.cincera.co.uk.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Files On PC

When you delete a file from your computer, it won’t be deleted permanently; hard disk marks some space in file table. For instance if you delete a file from a system, an index entry has a note where it’s being placed. Just use these following steps while you are trying to recover files from a system. Steps are:

1. Check Recycle bin

The recycle bin keeps the deleted files, if it’s there, it can be restored. Sometimes large files may not be resided in recycle bin.

2. Don’t Use that Drive

If you do this, your recovering chances are higher.

3. Download Recovery software

Download Recovery software from another computer or drive instead of this drive. If you do this, it may overwrite the files what you have to recover. Some of the recovery software is listed out below. Choose portable software is better to use even from a USB disk. Then run the program, software products may differ but steps are usually same. Choose the disk where you lost data is being resided. We can also search by the file name or allow that software to recover files via browse option. As you know that, there are plenty of recovery software available on market but some free software are available.

1. Panda Recovery

Panda recovery software is one of the best to recover files which are removed from recycle bin. This software allows us to recover deleted files and folders from NTFS volumes. It may recover pictures, songs, movies and documents.  The size of the software is just 2.12MB
Click here:Panda Recovery

2. Tokiwa Recovery

This is also software to recover files from a system. This is enhanced compare with panda recovery how it supports FAT and NTFS volumes and also NTFS compressed files & EFS encrypted files. The size of the software is 198KB which is a Zip file. This is a portable file so there is no need for installation process.Click here: Tokiwa Recovery

3. Undelete Plus

Undelete Plus is a rapid way to restore lost files. This software helps to recover a bulk files even if its deleted using Shift + delete or using command prompt. Undelete Plus works on all windows versions. This is also an enhanced than the previous one how it can recover files from a floppy drives and no need to install this software as it’s a portable one. These software list is a sample, you can use any software but follow the steps we mentioned here. Recover your files along with you memories too.

How to play games in windows using Xbox controller

Microsoft recently released its Xbox one controller which enables you to play xbox games on pc without any really extra hardware required. Their is a wireless controller with each Xbox controller.You will need a MicroUsb cable though to connect it with pc.

  • Now you need to configure it , so make sure that your pc is connected to high speed internet ,as the drivers required for the controller are available through windows update which saves you from searching them on internet.
  • Now after you have successfully connected it then the logo of Xbox will glow and your pc will make a connecting sound .
  • Now after the controller has updated itself and its drivers goto control panel and open device and printers.
  • Now open the game controller settings from the controller option in there.
  • The Xbox one’s controller status should be shown as OK if everything is working fine .
  • Now comes the hardest part of finding the games that support this functionality .it is pretty hard you can look for the controller support option in Steam it shows you that feature ,though you would have to enable that feature by going into each game settings.

Installing Windows 8 from USB and DVD

Microsoft has made upgrading to windows 8 or 8.1 very easy with their upgrade tool but if you want to install windows from the scratch you may need to create a windows installation disc(DVD or USB),here is how to make them .
The following steps work well with windows 8 or windows 8.1 ,the tool you are going to need is Microsoft’s own ‘Windows 7 USB DVD download tool ‘ program ,thought it says 7 but it works perfectly fine with 8 or 8.1 .
Step 1
Download ‘Windows 7 usb dvd download tool’ program from its website.
Step 2
Make an .iso file of the setup of windows 8/8.1 that you have .To make that use any software amongst the various programs available for free on the net like Burnaware etc.
Step 3
Start the Windows 7 usb dvd download tool program.
Step 4
Select the .iso file that you just made by clicking on the Browse option ,select the file from its location and then click open.
Step 5
Click on NEXT and then select the type of media that you want to create to install windows from USB device or DVD .Though keep in mind that whatever device you are going to select you have to insert it already before selecting the option.(Blank unformatted dvd or 4 gb for 32 bit windows or 8 gb for 64 bit windows).
Step 6
If you have selected usb device goto step 9 else continue here for dvd installation.
Step 7
Click on the Begin Burning button .
Step 8
When finished you can close the tool and use the dvd to install windows .
Step 9
Select the drive letter from the drop down menu and then click on Begin Copying.
Step 10
  • If prompted click on Erase USB device .
  • If prompted ,click/tap on Yes.
Step 11
When finished close the program.
Step 12
You are now ready to boot from the usb device you just made.If it doesnt happens so you would have to make changes in the boot order in the BIOS.If it doesnt works even after that and you have a UEFI based system follow these steps.
  1.  After creating the bootable device copy all the files from the usb device to a new folder on your pc.
  2. You have to now format your usb device in the FAT32 file system.
  3. Now copy all the files from that folder to the usb device and try installing again from it .

    We also suggest you to download and install latest version of windows from Microsoft's official website